OWNR Security

Who We Are

We have been assisting companies worldwide in achieving excellence in their audit processes, and enhancing their capacity for long-term success. We firmly believe that every business should strive to be the best in its sector. That’s why we are committed to helping every company to achieve its growth objectives through faster and easier audit processes.

Today we conduct comprehensive audits in accordance with PCI DSS, ISO 27001.

We support clients building digital resilience by helping them transform their own capability or leveraging ours to meet their goals.

Our Advantages

We are not strangers to remote work. Our devoted supervisors make certain that any time zone variations are not noted, no matter where you are in the world. You retain complete control, while we concentrate on meeting the objectives you establish.

We make audit to ensure your company’s long-term prosperity. By working with us, you can provide your business with high-quality, better usability that improves user experience and income.

We leverage our expertise in audit to help clients optimise their systems. Our efficient and reliable audit services are based on years of experience and a broad foundation of expertise. Whether our clients need to transform their capabilities or leverage ours to achieve their objectives, we offer a wide range of consulting services that encompass modern audit solutions.

How We Can Help You

IT Solutions


We provide a slew of security mechanisms to your business.