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PCI DSS certification is a prerequisite of the International Payment Systems (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB) for businesses that handle, transmit, or store payment card data. Businesses must adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This truth is confirmed by an annual certification audit.

Our audit methodology offers a wonderful opportunity for your workers to spend less time conducting interviews and gathering audit evidence.

We will assist you in preparing for an effective certification audit. Our experienced team will advise you on how to decrease the scope of your project, change the document base, and create a strategy for modifying the document base to satisfy the standard criteria.

Those organizations, engaged in the storage, processing, or transfer ring of at least one payment transaction data or a payment card owner’s data during the year, are obliged to comply with the standard. Most often a certification audit for compliance with the standard is required for banks, retail stores and e-commerce websites, processing centers, payment gateways, backup media storage, card personalisation organisations, etc.

Key Benefits


Achieve PCI DSS Compliance

Our consultants are dedicated to helping your organisation achieve PCI DSS compliance, and fully understand what an assessor expects from compliant organisations.


Maintain PCI DSS Compliance

Services to continually maintain PCI DSS compliance once it has been achieved.


Expert Management

We will work with you to generate additional business value and increase cyber maturity after initial certification.


Realise Additional Value

Our consultants will work with you to integrate PCI DSS into your business, which can help increase cyber resilience over time.

IT Consulting

New technologies always present fresh opportunities, and a well-structured digital strategy is critical for an organization’s success. This strategy should be a focal point at the leadership level, as digital transformation is crucial for growth but also increases cyber risks. It’s essential to balance the adoption of innovative technology with a strong cybersecurity strategy to protect your business as it expands.

Our team, comprised of experts in digital transformation, data management, and cybersecurity, is equipped to help. Whether it’s enhancing cybersecurity, defending against ransomware, optimizing data management, or planning a digital transformation strategy for future growth, our specialists are prepared to assi.

Functional Consulting: Our approach involves providing deep insights and expertise across various functional areas of your business. We align these with the relevant application modules to ensure your operations are supported effectively and efficiently.

Technical Consulting: Our team is dedicated to formulating technical strategies that tackle essential areas such as security, the integration of legacy systems or third-party databases, data migration, report generation, and comprehensive management of systems administration and databases/applications.

Project and Programme Management: We ensure the effective governance of every implementation. Our process involves robust planning and strategic management to maximize the success of each program.

Managed Service: We provide ongoing support after implementation, ensuring that your solutions not only remain effective and current but are also adaptable to the evolving needs of your business.

All companies have different goals and objectives

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